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About Body Tone Multimedia

Introduction to Body Tone Multimedia: Body Tone Multimedia Demystified.

Body Tone Multimedia (, headquartered in Etna, CA, is a digital media production company that offers individual customer to large corporations, custom high quality multimedia solutions in sales training, and marketing.

Body Tone Multimedia services include: Voice-Overs, Writing Services, Website Design, Commercial Production, Graphic Design, Audio Production, Jingles.

Mission Statement

Body Tone Multimedia’s objective is deliver exceptional quality that is instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value.


With over 15+ years of successful sales, marketing, and production experience spanning the spectrum from direct sales to Business-to-Business marketing. Depend on Body Tone Multimedia for:

Credits Include

Voice-Overs, marketing brochures, training manuals, fundraising proposals, fundraising marketing, video commercial production, press releases, online video production, music composition, sound design, website design, procedures, specialized production for firms such as:

Apple, First Nationwide Bank, Channel 31 KPWB, Confetti night club, Piranha Room night club, K-mart ...

About Body Tone Multimedia's Voice-Over Services

Automatic Instructions Auto Attendants
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Voice Prompts
Education Computer Based Training (CBT)
Educational Videos
Web Based Training (WBT)
Entertainment Audio Books
In-flight Entertainment
Video Games
Voice Characterization
Novelty Consumer Outgoing message (OGM)
Marketing Outgoing message (OGM). After Hours Messaging (non-business hours)
In-house Commercials (In-store)
Radio Commercials (Radio Spots)
TV Commercials
Political Campaigning
Presentation Keynote Presentation
Macromedia Flash Presentations
PowerPoint Presentations
Training Audio Manuals
Corporate Training Videos
Software Tutorials
Training Applications
Websites Internet Audio

About Body Tone Multimedia's Writing Services

Advertising, Copywriting and Public Relations

Audiovisuals and Electronic Communications


Government Writing

Computer, Science and Technical


Body Tone Multimedia Graphic Design Services

At Body Tone Multimedia, we offer a wide array of graphic design solution for your business. We provide high quality; custom designs at remarkably competitive rates.

Below is a list of services offered Body Tone Multimedia:



Business/Corporate Identity

Direct Mail

Creative Strategy

Package Design


Body Tone Multimedia's Website Design Services

Advantages for using Body Tone Multimedia

Because Body Tone Multimedia a full array of services Body Tone Multimedia is your "One Stop" shopping for all of your business needs.

Body Tone Multimedia can:

Outsource to Body Tone Multimedia

Body Tone Multimedia does really make a difference. Why try to do it all yourself?

The Body Tone Multimedia advantage.



After and initial no-charge, no-obligation question and answer session, I’ll share my thoughts on the project. We will discuss finances. Once accepted by you, we will sign a simple agreement outlining responsibilities, time frames and investment.


As all jobs are different, quotes made a consultation, Short-term assignments (2 weeks or less) can be quoted at a flat rate basis, longer projects may warrant hourly rates. One-third down of the contracted amount will be due up front, with the balance paid at negotiable checkpoints.


Two rounds of revisions are included in any contracted price. Additional revisions will be billed on an hourly rate. Prices quoted are for each individual service only. Additional services will be billed separately



When creativity is the goal, count on Body Tone Multimedia 15+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and production.


Get great work at a price far lower that large ad or PR firms.

Our best stuff

Good writing and production doesn’t just happen. It takes extra effort and commitment to find the special angle that will lift it above the ordinary.

That is what will keep you coming back.

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