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About Voice-overs Introduction to Voice-overs: Voice-overs demystified Body Tone MultimediaThis page is an introductory page to Voice-Overs. It has all you need to know about Voice-Overs.

Body Tone Multimedia's Voice-Over Examples

Voice-Over Rates - Union, non-union industry, and Body Tone Multimedia's Rates for Voice-Overs

Voice-Over Characters that Body Tone Multimedia Offers If you want to use a special character voice in you Voice-Over This page has the characters that Body Tone Multimedia offer.

Voice-Overs for Your Corporation

Voice-Overs for Individuals or Private Consumer

Voice-Overs for Novelty Voice-Overs for jokes, gags, anniversaries, birthdays etc...

Voice-Overs for Political Campaigns

Voice-Overs for Radio and Television

Voice-Overs for Real Estate

Voice-Over for Sales Presentations

Voice-Overs for Small Business


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