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Voice-Overs for Individuals or Private Consumer

Advantages of using a professional Voice-Over at home.

Voice-Over at Home

There are ways a professional Voice-Over can be used on your home phone's outgoing message (OGM). Using professionally produced Voice-Overs adds an additional dimension to your message delivery. This adds power and effectiveness, increasing retention of your message.
  1. You want to project professionalism at home as well as at work.

  2. You are job hunting and want to project a professional attitude incase a potential employers call you for an interview.

  3. A single female can have a strong sounding male voice on her outgoing message. This can help deter any unwanted phone calls from anyone who may think she is vulnerable.

  4. Selling something in the classifieds, use Voice-Overs in your home phone's outgoing message (OGM) to present what you are selling and let your answering machine do the work.

  5. Real Estate, “For Sale by Owner”. Owners that are selling their homes are using professional Voice-Overs and getting results.

  6. Examples of Voice-Overs for Individuals.

  7. The novelty outgoing message is becoming more and more commonplace. When friends and family call, they get a good laugh.

  8. Follow the links below to go directly to the Novelty page.

    Voice-Overs for Novelty

Advantages of using a professional Voice-Over for your image.

Professional Voice-Overs used in your outgoing message (OGM) at the office and at home.

Voice-Over at the Office.

In this day and age, perception is truth. How you are perceived to others is how you must really be. In the corporate arena, how you are perceived is directly related to your salary and the respect you command. No matter what your position is in a company, when people call you from within the company or from outside, your outgoing message (OGM) should always project and aura of professionalism.

How many times have you called a co-worker on his or her company land line or cell phone and heard a nervous, unprofessional outgoing message just stating their name?

Listen to this example of a professional out going message.

You have reached the desk of Bob Smith, Body Tone Multimedia’s senior vice president in charge of marketing.
Please leave a your name, phone number, and a detailed message at the prompt.
Bob will return your call within three business days.
Thank you and have a great day.

Body Tone Multimedia’s Voice-Over Rates

Category Time Cost for Regular: turnaround time option Cost for Hot: turnaround time option Cost for Urgent: turnaround time option
Individual outgoing message (OGM) consumer, business, and corporate. :15, :30 $60 $100 $120
:60 $120 $160 $180
6:00 $125 $200 $260
12:00 $240 $320 $360
Novelty Individual outgoing message (OGM) :15, :30 $60 $100 $120
:60 $120 $160 $180


Follow this link to order your Voice-Over for Individuals online now

Script and Direction

Setting the tone of your Voice-Over.

When deciding on your script for your Voice-Over, you must first decide what tone you want to project.

  1. A serious tone. Straight to the point. (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How).

  2. A character acting out a skit. More relaxed. It brings the listener into the scene as if they were listening in on a conversation.

  3. A character acting out a funny skit. Comedy helps people remember.

  4. A serious voice tone acting out a funny skit. Everybody like the switch. A serious tone with a punch line at the end.

  5. Dynamics (Intensity). Relaxed or hard (“TUESDAY, TUESDAY, TUESDAY”)

Word Count

A calm, understandable rate of speed for reading your script is 2.5 words per second. That’s approximately 75 words total for 30 seconds. Remember, the pause is just as important to allow the listener to comprehend your message.

Faster is called a, “Hard sell”. The rate of speed for reading your script is 3.5 words per second, but that's pushing it. That’s approximately 105 words total for 30 seconds.

Always read your script aloud before you send it in.


The most important item is pronunciation. In reviewing your script, be sure that any word that can be mispronounced is clearly notated. There are many names, words, phrases, and dialects (that are not in the dictionary) that may be very familiar to you in your part of the country, but will not be apparent to the talent. For example, Des Moines [duh-MOIN] can easily be incorrectly pronounced. In addition, be sure to include CAP-i-tal letters to denote syllable emphasis.

When in doubt notate.

All questionable pronunciations must have precise instructions of the desired diction. Body Tone Multimedia will not be held responsible for any mispronunciations that have not been specified prior to the recording session.

Script Formatting

Please specify if you want a three second count down, A three second pause at beginning, or the voice over to start right on the beginning. If you do not specify it will start at the beginning.

If music is selected with Voice-Over then a few seconds lead in of music will be played before Voice-Over will start.


Body Tone Multimedia has three turnaround options for your convenience.

  1. Urgent: 24 hours

  2. Hot: 72 hours

  3. Regular: five business days
Please confirm the turnaround time you need when placing your order.


We offer two (2) methods of delivery: Email and USPS - Priority Mail

  1. When using email, we compress the file to MP3 or MPEG-4 (AAC). Please consider that most email services do not allow more than 10 Megabytes of data for one letter. This means that an average Voice-Over with music will be approximately 2 minutes long. If you need longer recordings it must burned on a CD and sent via priority mail.

  2. We can also ship your order on CD. Additional shipping cost will be applied to your order.

How to use your Voice-Over.

Once you get your Voice-Over from your email, you will want to play on a CD player at home or at your business.

Follow this link for a free player and converter from Apple Computer, Inc. called iTunes

Please note when using your new Voice-Over for answering machines, voicemail, and cell phones, you may need to turn the bass down or off depending on your equipment.

When recording your outgoing message (OGM) on your cell phone, you may need to use a landline phone to get a better quality message on your service.

Need help writing the script?
Don’t worry Body Tone Multimedia is here to help.
Follow the link below to learn About Body Tone Multimedia Writing Services.
We can help.

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