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Body Tone Multimediaís Web Design Rates

The cost of a regular website.

Most Web Designers charge anywhere from $75 - $150/an hour for Website design services.

In the industry a regular (not E-commerce) website can range from free to $25,000+. With such a wide margin, how can anyone decide without getting utterly confused? To aid you letís categorize what the groups are and explain each.

Free websites low cost websites. The advantages and disadvantages. From $0 to $39 per month.


Low cost from an amateur. The advantages and disadvantages $25 -$40 per hour, $100 -$300 per website.

Advantages: Disadvantage:

Middle to high. The advantages and disadvantages $300 -$25,000 +, $50 to $150 per hour.

Advantages: Disadvantage:

E-Commerce Websites.

An E-commerce store is a website that sells products and services.

To accept payments for your products and services on the Internet, a Merchant Account, Payment Gateway with a Secure Web Certificate, and a shopping cart is needed to allow you to accept credit card payments directly from your website.


PayPal is a service, which allows people to send and receive money safely and securely. It allows you and your customers to exchange money through a neutral source. You simply open a PayPal account (for free), and place "buy me" buttons on your web site.

Google Checkout.

Google Checkout is an online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases. It is very similar to PayPal

If you have a product but cannot justify the cost of a E-commerce website, or want to increase your productís exposure, follow this link to submit your product for review for placement on Body Tone Multimediaís Store.

Website Design Rates

When you use Body Tone Multimedia, you will have a clear understanding of the cost of your project before we begin. Once final payment is received, you will have 100% ownership of you site.

If you have not read Website design demystified about web design. Please follow this link.

Website Design Rates

The cost for the first page designed is $199.00 US, as the initial design is the most difficult and time-consuming task.

Unlimited drafts and revisions (up until final approval). By offering unlimited drafts and revisions, we can guarantee you will be thrilled with the final product. (A final approval is required before we begin to add content to the pages).

Body Tone Multimedia charges by the page because:

Also included is:

Time frame for completion 2-4 weeks, once all data is obtained.


Cost per Web page

1st page


Pages 2 – and above


Sample Web Design Pricing

Amount of Pages

Total Cost

1 page Web site or template


5 page Web site


10 page Web site


10% discount

15 page Web site


15% discount

20 page Web site


20% discount

20 + pages. Will be charged at the 20% discount rate per page.

Website consultation fee is $75 per hour.

Hosting and website maintenance rates.

Web site maintenance consists of:

Maintenance services apply to changes to your existing design.
Maintenance does not apply to redesigning an entire page or site.
Maintenance does not apply to writing content for the pages.

Body Tone Multimedia Hosting Rates:

Bronze (Basic)


15 POP Email Accounts

Updates and changes (per hour)


Silver (Standard)


30 POP Email Accounts

1 page update and change per month Included

Gold (Premium)


45 POP Email Accounts

1 page update and change per week


Other costs you may incur that are NOT included in the page rate.

Domain Name: Your domain name is the address of your Web site. For example, is a domain name.

If you do not have a domain name yet, Body Tone Multimedia can purchase one for you for $25.



After and initial no-charge, no-obligation question and answer session, I’ll share my thoughts on the project. We will discuss finances. Once accepted by you, we will sign a simple agreement outlining responsibilities, time frames and investment.


As all jobs are different, quotes made a consultation, Short-term assignments (2 weeks or less) can be quoted at a flat rate basis, longer projects may warrant hourly rates. One-third down of the contracted amount will be due up front, with the balance paid at negotiable checkpoints.


Two rounds of revisions are included in any contracted price. Additional revisions will be billed on an hourly rate. Prices quoted are for each individual service only. Additional services will be billed separately



When creativity is the goal, count on Body Tone Multimedia 15+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and production.


Get great work at a price far lower that large ad or PR firms.

Our best stuff

Good writing and production doesn’t just happen. It takes extra effort and commitment to find the special angle that will lift it above the ordinary.

That is what will keep you coming back.

Need help with Graphic design. (Icons, favicon, Banners, and images)

Do not worry Body Tone Multimedia is here to help.
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